Month: February 2012

Members, Suppliers Snag Awards at the 2012 USA SCM Winter Meeting

Author: Lynne Hilton

Each year for the past three years, several outstanding member utilities and supplier partners are honored at the USA Supply Chain Management (SCM) Winter Meeting. This year was no exception. The USA SCM staff was pleased to present awards to the following individuals and companies. SCM Optimizer Award: Each year at the annual Executive Summit...

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USA Maintenance Core Peer Group Meets to Further Business Plan Initiatives

Author: Deanna Sheely

The Utilities Service Alliance (USA) Maintenance Core Peer Team’s role is to improve performance, promote cost reduction, and influence the industry in the maintenance function within the USA fleet through the identification of areas for improvement and initiation of appropriate resolution fleet-wide or at individual fleet member facilities. On Jan. 24, seven members of the...

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