Month: May 2014

Cost Effective Excellence: 2014 Utility Working Conference and Vendor Technology Expo sponsored by USA

Author: Chip Palazzo

Achieving excellence in the nuclear industry poses a challenge to every utility, large or small, particularly in light of increased performance expectations and heightened budgetary concerns. Doing so with an eye on cost-effectiveness only multiplies our challenge – and the difficulties increase exponentially. But excellence on a budget is achievable. Join your USA peers this...

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Continuous Improvement Award Finalist Spotlight: Graybar Electric

Author: Lynne Hilton

As mentioned last month, many excellent suppliers applied for USA’s annual Continuous Improvement (CI) Award, and though we couldn’t give awards to all of these suppliers, we wanted to. This article is the second in a series of articles spotlighting our Continuous Improvement award finalists and the innovative things they are doing in the nuclear...

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Columbia Evacuates for Emergency Drill

Author: Chuck Forrester

USA Member Columbia Generating Station conducted an Emergency Response Operations training drill (ERO Team A) on May 6 with overall solid performance and with no significant ERO performance deficiencies noted. All of the emergency centers successfully activated within expected timelines, and classification, notifications, and Protective Action Recommendations were timely and accurate. However, this was no...

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Door-to-Door Safety

Author: Dave Lefor

We use them every day at work, home and most locations that we visit. Most of us don’t give a second thought to opening or closing a door because it’s part of our daily routine. Doors are not as benign as they look, in fact each year thousands of door accidents take place. Some of...

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