Month: May 2015

New Mexico governor tours Prairie Island & Monticello with civic and business leaders

Author: Randy Fordice

USA fleet members Prairie Island and Monticello hosted the New Mexico Amigos, the official goodwill ambassadors of New Mexico, including Gov. Susana Martinez and civic and business leaders from the state recently. New Mexico is experiencing significant economic and industrial growth, especially in its southeast, and offers Xcel Energy the opportunity to meet the state's...

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Columbia Generating Station sets longest run record

Author: John Dobken

USA fleet member Columbia Generating Station set a new record for its longest continuous operational run – 683 days – when operators shut down the reactor for start of the station’s biennial refueling and maintenance outage Saturday, May 9. Columbia achieved what’s known as a “breaker to breaker” run for the first time in its...

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Susquehanna FLEX electrical validation demonstration success

Author: Chip Palazzo

In early May, the FLEX Electrical Deployment Validation - part of the process to prove USA fleet member PPL Susquehanna could respond to an unimaginable disaster the size and scope of Fukushima - and all the work that has been done by a dedicated group of nuclear professionals in the past three years - became...

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Cook adds video camera to weather buoy

Author: Dave Lefor

USA fleet member Cook Nuclear Plant has again launched its high-tech weather buoy in Lake Michigan. This year, in addition to making the extensive weather and water data available to the public online, there is also a camera providing still and video clips. The buoy is equipped with a range of high-tech instruments that can...

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