Month: February 2017

EN employees give a hoot

Author: Digital Lagoon

Kelsey Lotz, U.S. Fish and Wildlife specialist, (right) describes the importance of cleaning the Western burrowing owl artificial habitats on Columbia Generating Station property to Corey O'Donnell, environmental scientist. Contrary to their name, the Western burrowing owl doesn't dig its own burrows. It takes up residence in burrows left behind by ground squirrels, prairie dogs,...

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Bi-Annual USA Valve Team Challenge Meeting

Author: Margaret Vinsant

On December 13th thru 15th, USA Supplier CRANE Nuclear met with the valve team leads from our member sites at CRANE Nuclear’s main office in Kennesaw, Georgia.  USA is CRANE Nuclear’s largest valve services customer by sales volume.  The USA valve leads and CRANE teams are responsible for ensuring the approximately 7,000 to 15,000 man-hours...

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