Month: June 2018

Comanche Peak Brings the Heat for 2018 Supplier Fair

Author: USA Communication

Despite triple digit Texas heat, everything was “cool” inside the USA Supplier Fair hosted by Comanche Peak June 6.  Tom McCool, Comanche Peak Site Vice President, kicked off the fair and set the tone, thanking attendees, providing a message of support for suppliers, and encouraging everyone to redouble efforts for maximizing efficiency and savings in...

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Monticello Posts $7.8M USA Material Cost-Reduction Savings

Author: Lisa Kuehl

The Monticello Nuclear Plant recently reported a $7.8 million cost-savings as a part of their participation in the Utilities Service Alliance (USA) Material Cost-Reduction (MCR) project. The USA MCR project, which started in January 2017, has driven significant cost-savings across the Alliance since that time. This item from Monticello shows the project is picking up...

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Susquehanna welcomes USA’s recommendation of Syntempo: Helps to deliver Outage safely, on-time and under budget

Author: Chip Palazzo

Historically, outages at Utilities Service Alliance (USA) member Talen Energy’s Susquehanna Station have been done safely, however, they have traditionally exceeded 40 days in duration. This, in comparison to world class nuclear sites of comparable size/design whose outages have traditionally targeted 30 days. Previous outages at Susquehanna were negatively influenced by: • a lack of focus and...

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