30th Annual Procedure Symposium
June 18-22, 2018
DoubleTree Hilton Hotel & Suites Charleston
Charleston, SC

30th Annual Procedure Symposium Overview

This year we will be celebrating 30 years for Procedure Professionals joining together in a conference setting to hear speakers, attend breakout sessions, and learn from others throughout the industry.  The procedure conference began under the umbrella of NUS.  After a few years, the conference went under the umbrella of Scientech and when they decided to get out of the procedure business, those individuals that had been faithful attendees decided we would develop our own association and we call ourselves UPDA - Utility Procedure Development Association.  After a few years, we decided that name restricted our attendees, so finally PPA was born - Procedure Professionals Association.  This association brings together procedure professionals throughout the US and the world.

Our industries have changed drastically over the last few years.  Things will never be the way that they were 30 years or even 10 years ago.  The word of instant knowledge prevents that.  There will always be a need for people to tell the truth, to give people perfect instructions to perform a task 100% correctly 100% of the time.  We have no room for error.  We are participating witnesses in the vast transfer of "tribal knowledge" to newer individuals in the procedure business.  There is no success path when doing this alone.  That's why this symposium is so important.  You can gain instant benchmarking opportunities and hopefully career-long friends too.  We live in an industrial world where knowledge sharing is almost always encouraged.  To share your knowledge and acquire new knowledge you need resources like the Procedure Professionals Association.  Plan to come to this year's symposium and use your time wisely, be the extrovert you never knew you could be.  Gain life-long friends.  Learn new methods for solving your problems.

Remember, by attending the symposium, you become a MEMBER of the Procedure Professionals Association.  This Association is like a family.  And like family members, there will be some Association members that you admire and some that you may not.  But, you are all in the same profession and deep down, you know that you really need them and they really need you.  Attend the symposium with your brains engaged and your minds open.  When the time comes for you to seek that solution for your problem, rest assured, there will be a new family member there to help.