PPL Susquehanna inks deal with Transnuclear, Inc./AREVA

January 22nd, 2014
Author: Chip Palazzo, PPL Susquehanna
PPL Susquehanna recently signed a contract with Transnuclear, Inc./AREVA to supply Dry Shielded Canisters (DSC) to enhance PPL Susquehanna’s spent fuel storage program at the dual unit power station in Northeast Pennsylvania. The contract also provides member benefits to the USA fleet through increased business opportunities and rebates.

“This contract marks a successful conclusion to an intensive effort between many representatives from PPL Corp. and PPL Susquehanna, Transnuclear, Inc./AREVA, and the USA fleet organization,” said PPL Susquehanna’s Chief Nuclear Officer Tim Rausch, who also serves as Vice Chairman of USA’s Board of Directors. “The contract is beneficial not only to PPL Susquehanna, but also to members of the USA fleet.”

The contract, signed in mid-December, will provide 19 DSCs for independent spent fuel storage at one of the nation’s largest Boiling Water Reactors in the U.S. This installation will complete the canister allotment of spent fuel on PPL Susquehanna’s original pad. The contract also includes optional support services from Transnuclear in the event PPL Susquehanna requires additional expert advice, whether loading, moving or storing spent fuel.

Rausch also said that PPL evaluated a pre-existing ‘blanket’ agreement for dry fuel cask storage systems and services between USA and Transnuclear/AREVA.

“Continuing our partnership with Transnuclear positions PPL Susquehanna to take advantage of the latest spent fuel storage equipment and services the industry has to offer and keeps us within the bounds of our license for on-site storage,” said PPL Susquehanna’s Nuclear Fuel Contracting Agent Bob Rose, who led the procurement effort for the Station.

Transnuclear/AREVA offers a comprehensive line of products and related services to the transportation, storage and engineering sectors operating in the nuclear fuel cycle materials market.

Tim Rausch, Chief Nuclear Officer, PPL Susquehanna and Vice Chairman of USA’s Board of Directors
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