USA/STARS Personnel Sharing Team meets to map out 2019 sharing

August 9th, 2018
Author: USA Communication

The USA/STARS Personnel Sharing program has been in place for a number of years. The team members share expertise between their plants during outages or emergent work. With the ever present need to improve outage performance, sharing personnel can contribute to improved performance.

Plants currently participating are Columbia, Comanche Peak, DC Cook, Cooper, Diablo Canyon, Monticello, Palo Verde, Prairie Island, South Texas, Susquehanna and Wolf Creek. The Personnel Sharing program is guided by the USA/STARS Memorandum of Understanding which is endorsed and signed by each plant’s chief nuclear officer.

At the Face-to-Face Meeting in Seattle the team negotiated the exchange of 77 employees for the 2019 outage seasons. Several additional station needs remain to be filled in the two 2019 outage seasons. Opportunities continue to exist at Columbia, Palo Verde, Wolf Creek, Comanche Peak, and South Texas.

Traditionally targeted positions include: Maintenance (Mechanical, Electrical, I&C) technicians and supervisors, Radiation Protection technicians and supervisors, warehouse/materials attendants and supervisors, non-licensed operators, and Quality Control inspectors. The program is being expanded to other functional areas, including trainers, clearance order coordinators, ALARA coordinators, Access Authorization reviewing officers, engineers, containment coordinators, safety coordinators, and planners. There’s always a need for supervisors to provide oversight for supplemental workers.

Do you want to expand your skills and experience? Volunteer to participate by expressing interest to your supervisor/superintendent or your plants Personnel Sharing liaison. Some sharing opportunities remain open for 2019. These will be sent out to leadership members soon to see if we can accommodate the additional needs.

It’s a win-win opportunity for the plants and individuals involved. In this time of nuclear plant closings, we need to do all we can to help each other reduce costs and improve performance.

Questions? Contact Personnel Sharing Team rep or your USA Site Representative.

Personnel Sharing Team members who met in Seattle in conjunction with the USA Executive Conference were (left to right): Todd Moeller (Palo Verde), Tim Donovan (USA team sponsor), Kathy Carroll (Wolf Creek), Linda Rafferty (Comanche Peak), Bob Witzak (Palo Verde), Ryan Carlson (DC Cook), Gia Milbrandt (Diablo Canyon), Adam Rademacher (Cooper), Vicky Patten (South Texas), Theresa Neidhold (Columbia), Shawn Flaherty (South Texas), and Mark Persky (Diablo Canyon).

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