Some Arizona Sunshine for RFO25: Utilities Service Alliance Exchange Program

Author: Digital Lagoon

The Utilities Service Alliance exchange program is providing some Arizona sunshine to Monticello’s refueling outage that gets under way this weekend. Working with Xcel Energy workforce relations and Thomas Koehler, business manager at International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Union Local 160, USA is providing maintenance support from the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station west of...

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FCS Chemistry 1st in USA/STARS Fleet

Author: Bobbi J. Drueke

The USA/STARS Chemistry Peer Team recently released the fleet’s scorecard for the fourth quarter of 2010. FCS Chemistry has toped the list with the best chemistry performance for the quarter. “Fort Calhoun Chemistry’s number 1 ranking in the Utilities Service Alliance is mostly based on a strong INPO Chemistry Effectiveness Indicator (CEI) performance,” said Chemistry...

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RAPID Provides Quick Payback for PPL

Author: George Kinek

For over 20 years, RAPID has provided utilities with sourcing options for urgently-needed parts that have saved RAPID participants millions of dollars in replacement generation costs. PPL Generation has recently experienced two events in two months that have driven home RAPID’s value with clarity. George Kinek (Manager, Generation Purchasing at PPL) shared the details: Event...

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NewsByte: Columbia Training Accreditation Results

Author: Peter Tocci

Columbia was successful today at the National Nuclear Accreditation Board receiving accreditation renewal for their Maintenance and Technical Training programs. Congratulations to Chip and the Columbia team.  This supports our USA peer team goal of 100 percent accreditation renewal success.  Next up is Cooper and Cook.

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