Since 1970, AIMCO has been providing superior Critical Fastening and Bolting Tool solutions for the Motor Vehicle, AG/Off Road, Electronics, Aerospace, Energy Services, and General Assembly Industries.
In 1999, AIMCO began manufacturing its AcraDyne line that produces a complete line of D/C Controlled Tools ranging from 1 – 12,000 Nm, custom built multiple spindle systems, as well as state-of-the-art tool controllers.
These cutting edge high torque tools are specifically designed for critical high torque bolting applications, such as the Energy Services sector, that demands tools which deliver high torque with superior performance and durability.
The precision design of the HT Series from AcraDyne combines these features in electric and pneumatic high torque tools that beat the competition on productivity and ergonomics. AcraDyne's transducer torque control system provides consistent, reliable torque values as well as the ability to monitor rotational angle during the tightening process.
Our DC transducerized tools feature transducerized closed-loop control, NOT current control like most High Torque products, and are one of the only high torque bolting tools in the world with the transducer at the square drive, not before the gearing, like competing products. The torque reported is the torque delivered and is up to three times faster than the competition. AcraDyne produces one of the most accurate, high torque bolting tool lines in the world.
When combined with AcraDyne's Controllers, customers experience a high torque critical bolting system that can handle the toughest and most important bolting jobs. The faster speed, coupled with its extreme accuracy, makes this bolting system an outstanding cost-effective investment.