AVANTech, Inc.

AVANTech, Inc., with our ASME NQA-1 manufacturing/service facilities in Columbia, SC, and Knoxville, TN, provides turnkey water processing services and systems and can manage and process low-level radioactive and hazardous wastes. AVANTech is a global leader in the safe recycling, processing, and disposal of nuclear material. We provide an integrated service to many of the commercial US and non-US nuclear plants and can respond to emergency efforts such as what was needed following the Fukushima incident in Japan. Technologies include demineralization, polymer solidification, filtration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, dewatering, and drying. Our process units can be furnished on a stand-alone basis or, with our experienced staff, can be combined to effect waste stream for pool cleanup, sludge collection, silica removal, boric acid recovery, and zero environmental release. AVANTech also provides underwater processing systems, high flow Solids Collection Filter (SCF™) systems, process shields, disposable steel liners/HICS, and select ion specific resin and filtration media.