Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Division
Anatec-LMT is a full service provider of Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) and Quality Services. They provide examination solutions that include steam generator eddy current testing, Section XI ISI (and PSI), Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) applications, heat exchanger condition assessment and inspection, balance-of-plant NDE services, FAC examinations, program development, consulting and training services.

AP Services is a manufacturer and integrated supplier of mechanical valve and pump packing, metal and fabricated gaskets, and a wide variety of specialized fluid sealing products and services. Their web-based SealPRO™ software is a key tool to enhance plant equipment reliability, and their fluid leak management program helps identify and solve critical sealing problems to improve plant reliability and safety.

Enertech is a distributor and licensee for a variety of OEMs that need support to adequately address the challenges of the nuclear market. They also have their own product lines: ElectroHydraulic Operators (EHO) for critical nuclear applications, snubbers and instrumentation used to test plant components. Enertech provides integrated system solutions that include advanced valves, actuators, pumps, instrumentation, snubbers, engineered filtration and heating systems, diagnostic and test equipment, qualification and dedication services, outage support services and equipment repair and field service.

EST specializes in the development and manufacturing of highly engineered products and repair services for shell and tube heat exchangers, condensers, coolers and chillers. Their Pop-A-Plug® is the industry's leading technology for sealing leaking heat exchanger tubes. They provide a comprehensive range of on-site services for heat exchanger troubleshooting, repair and turnkey pressure testing.

NETCO is the industry's recognized expert in spent fuel management solutions, including development of the NETCO-SNAP-IN® neutron absorber insert and many unique spent fuel pool management services designed to extend the useful life of spent fuel storage racks. Their BADGER testing service is an in-situ scanning system that measures the efficacy of neutron absorbing materials like Boraflex. Laboratory services include accelerated corrosion, radiation testing and surveillance coupon testing.

Nova supplies ASME Code, safety-related and commercial-grade fasteners and precision-machined components, HydraNut® bolting systems, tensioning solutions, PlasmaBond coating, construction products, supply chain management, reverse engineering and custom manufacturing services. Their engineered product offering includes accumulators, core plugs, and control rod drive rebuild kits.

QualTech NP is the industry's safety-related hardware solutions provider for electrical interconnections, containment integrity, flooding barriers, HVAC, custom electrical panels/systems and spent fuel management. Their capabilities as a full service qualification and dedication center provide custom solutions to customers' most demanding and critical hardware and qualification requirements.

Scientech provides plant process computer, digital control, and annunciator systems; thermal performance software; regulatory information databases and services; nozzle dams and installation services; reactor and steam generator specialized tooling; under-vessel BWR services and equipment; inventory database services (RAPID, OIRD) and supply chain analytics; probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) services; repair, refurbish and reverse engineered I&C services; security and access authorization software; mobile technology applications; and equipment reliability solutions.