Diakont is a full-cycle engineering, manufacturing, and service company, with over 20 years experience providing high-tech solutions that enhance the safety and economy of the nuclear power industry. Our global team of more than 800 employees is dedicated to providing the nuclear industry with products and services of the highest quality. Diakont underwater video cameras, such as the D40 and HD Proton, are trusted industry-wide for high-resolution BWR-IVVI (In Vessel Visual Inspection) and PWR RV Internals inspection activities. Diakont robotic delivery tools and manipulators are custom-designed for remote access to challenging reactor locations during critical path operations. Once identified, Diakont provides plants with repair services using our remote robotic grinding, welding, and intervention systems. Additionally, Diakont’s portfolio of services includes BOP I&C systems and NDE diagnostic equipment and services.