ENERCON is a diversified energy consulting company offering engineering, licensing, environmental and management services. We are currently ranked in the top 200 of all International Engineering Design firms and ranked in the top 3 for U. S. Nuclear Engineering firms. We are an employee-owned company with over 1,500 experienced and dedicated professionals, providing support to our clients from our 28 strategically located offices throughout the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. Our clients include most U.S. nuclear utilities, the Department of Energy and many Fortune 500 companies. Services provided include comprehensive design, engineering, procurement and construction management related to nuclear plant retrofits, new plant siting studies and licensing, plant life extensions, power uprates, and operations support. ENERCON is actively supporting the licensing of new nuclear plants, including SMRs, and actively involved with providing operating nuclear plant solutions for industry challenges such as PWR and BWR sump strainer clogging, extended power uprates, spent fuel storage and transport, improved plant security, instrumentation & control upgrades, FLEX and other post-Fukushima response support. For more information about us, visit our web site at www.enercon.com.