Hayward Tyler

Hayward Tyler Group has been a supplier of pumps, motors and services to the Nuclear Power Industry since 1975. We obtained our first ASME “N” stamp in 1976 and have continued to supply high quality engineered products and services. We currently hold ASME N, NA, NPT, NS and U stamps. Specializing in custom engineered solutions our design team are fully equipped to engineer solutions to the most difficult requirements and stringent technical specifications. Our in-house quality assurance program meets NQA-1, NCA4000 and NRC requirements 10CFR50 Appendix B and 10CFR21 with regular audits from individual utilities as well as NUPIC (consisting of international representatives). To date we have completed over 450 “N” stamped items plus many more applications designed to Code but not stamped. We are proficient in pressure equipment design to ASME Section III among other national standards. We have in-house expertise on thrust and radial bearing design, electrical motor design, pressure boundary design and hydraulic design. In addition to new applications we have comprehensive aftermarket services that can provide replacement equipment, spare parts, reverse engineering and consulting services. We support legacy Babcock and Wilcox and Westinghouse as well as Hayward Tyler designed equipment