Hennigan Engineering Co., Inc.

Hennigan Engineering Co., Inc. provides specialized industrial maintenance services to Power Generation, Construction, Marine, Industrial and Municipal clients on a National Basis. Our services include; Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning ( Hydrolase/High Pressure Waterjet, Mechanical Projectile, and Chemical ) * Circulating and Service Water Pipe Cleaning * Boiler Tank and Vessel Cleaning * Helium Leak Detection * Hydrostatic Testing * Hydro excavation * Concrete Hydro demolition * Surface Preparation and Industrial Cleaning * Pipe Lining and Coating * Water Intrusion Control/Leak Sealing * Remote/Robotic Video Inspection * High Pressure Water Blasting to 40,000 psi and related services. For over 50 years Hennigan has provided our customers with the most technically competent and safety qualified personnel. As well as the specialized and custom fabricated equipment necessary to maintain performance-related equipment at optimum efficiency.