Joseph Oat
Founded in 1788, Joseph Oat has been a family owned and operated small business for over 225 years. We are a world renowned OEM designer and manufacturer of ASME Section III and Safety-Related heat exchangers, coolers, tanks, accumulators, pulsation dampeners, process vessels, spent fuel/rad-waste canisters/casks, structural fabrications, and other specialty products for the nuclear power and radioactive waste industries.  In fact, we are the OEM for Safety Related heat exchangers for most of the nuclear utility plants in the USA.  Further, Joseph Oat frequently reverse engineers replacement components to solve utility customer’s equipment obsolescence issues and/or improve thermal performance, corrosion resistance, and operating life.  Our extensive material fabrication capabilities include titanium, zirconium, high nickel "super" alloys, super austenitic stainless steels (AL6XN), as well as many other materials.  Our QA system has been audited by NUPIC and complies with NQA-1 & 10CFR50 Appendix B. We have continuously held a nuclear stamp certification since 1966 and maintain a very strong nuclear safety culture.  We possess ASME Section VIII 'U' & 'U-2' stamps and Section III 'N', 'NPT', 'NS' and 'NA' stamps and hold membership in ASME, TEMA, HTRI, and EWI.  Visit us at  We Make Metal Work ©