Kinectrics, Inc.
As an established provider of reliable services and products for the electricity industry worldwide, Kinectrics offers advanced testing facilities, unique expertise and, in-depth knowledge of nuclear regulatory, licensing and safety requirements.   We provide complete Equipment Qualification (EQ) services, including aging, seismic, and LOCA / HELB testing, Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD), and related capabilities to address the needs of both existing and next generation nuclear plants.   Kinectrics is a fully-accredited supplier in North America for genuine nuclear parts, skids, systems, and engineered solutions. Our broad-based capabilities include reverse engineering for the design, qualification and manufacture of reliable nuclear replacement components.   We are an established provider in North America of leading-edge specialized tooling for nuclear inspection and maintenance systems (IMS). Kinectrics’ nuclear parts, equipment qualification, and IMS facilities are complemented by fully-accredited chemistry, radioactive materials, and electrical testing laboratories.    To enhance local support for the U.S. commercial nuclear power generation market, Kinectrics operates a large facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Kinectrics US installation is staffed by leading technical experts with extensive experience in providing EQ and CGD services to meet U.S. nuclear industry standards.,