LANXESS is a major global solution provider for liquid purification with almost 80 years of experience in water treatment and purification applications. With Lewatit® ion exchange resins, Bayoxide® iron oxide adsorbers, and Lewabrane® RO membrane elements, LANXESS holds a leading position in the development and production of three premium technologies for water purification, desalination and process stream treatment.  

Our high-performance products are used in numerous industries to treat and purify water and other liquid media. Energy suppliers use our RO and IX products for the production of boiler feed water, for condensate polishing and water treatment in cooling towers. In nuclear power plants, ion exchange resins are important components in make-up, condensate polishing, chemical and volume control system (CVCS) and other applications. Selective ion exchange resins can remove radioactive and non-radioactive ions from the process water and wastewater streams. The water in the holding basins for spent fuel elements also is passed through ion exchange resins for treatment.  

The comprehensive design software LewaPlus® can calculate Lewabrane® RO and Lewatit® ion exchange (IX) arrays within the same software platform. It allows the designer to simultaneously optimize both the RO and IX configuration, which is unique in the industry.