Luminant's Power Optimization Center
The Power Optimization Center (POC) is an advanced monitoring and diagnostics (M&D) center in operation more than 12 years with experience providing operational support with actionable intelligence to its clients. Through the integration of remote monitoring, modeling, and diagnostics, the POC identifies, forecasts, and advises plant personnel of emergent issues impacting power production. Emergent equipment issues are communicated directly to plant control room operators while long-term reliability and thermal performance issues are typically communicated to plant support staff.
The POC provides technical expertise, operating and maintenance recommendations, and field support to facilitate optimum plant performance. The POC provides a mechanism for knowledge transfer, sharing of best practices, and leverages the strengths of the staff’s operating experience. The POC monitors real-time plant performance, equipment critical to generation, and other key process parameters to identify improvement opportunities.
The POC is different from other M&D centers due to its staff of seasoned power plant control room operators, supported by a diverse engineering and technical staff to monitor and disposition off-normal conditions. The POC has developed robust processes and procedures that allow the team to assist clients to drive problems to resolution. The POC is recognized in power generation as the industry benchmark for advanced monitoring and diagnostics.
POC clients experience these benefits:
·  Equipment Reliability Improvement
·  Heat Rate Reduction
·  Reduced Generation Losses
·  Efficiency Improvement
·  Fuel Savings
·  Reduced Operating Costs
·  Derate Avoidance
·  Reduced Forced Loss Rate
·  Improved Safety System Availability