Mid-American Group

Mid-American Group (MAG) is an Industrial contractor working in the sectors of Power, Nuclear and Fossil Generation, Petroleum, Steelmaking, Steam Generation, and other similar Industries.  MAG employs engineers, project managers, financial and safety professionals, industry experts and leaders in their perspective fields.  MAG acts as a general contractor using a highly trained union workforce of over 15 trades, as well as, manages subcontractors, material suppliers, engineers and outside consultants while functioning as a subcontractor when appropriate. Our company self-performs all civil, refractory, concrete, millwright, scaffold erection and structural steel work while offering specialty services, such as cathodic protection, aerial drone inspection, ground penetrating radar, dry ice blasting and other like services. Our philosophy is to encourage the utmost level of safety, while encouraging our workforce to create innovative techniques as part of their daily routine. Mid-American Group offers services throughout the US and Canada.  We look forward to new opportunities to serve our customers and bring value and integrity to every project we manage.