Taprogge America Corporation

In 1949, Taprogge invented the on-line Condenser Tube Cleaning System, known industry-wide as “The Taprogge System”. With over 12,000 systems in operation worldwide, Taprogge is the recognized industry leader in on-line Condenser Tube Cleaning and Debris Filtration technology. Typical benefits associated with running the Taprogge System are an improvement in heat rate between 1-3%, which has an environmental and economic impact due to decreased emissions, reduction in fuel costs, and additional MW output. Some large power plants have seen an increase in production of 24 MW directly attributable to the Taprogge System. Regardless of your fuel source, cooling water type or quality, or condenser tube material, the Taprogge system can help you improve your plant’s heat rate by maintaining the maximum condenser tube cleanliness… guaranteed.