Comanche Peak
Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Despite triple digit Texas heat, everything was “cool” inside the USA Supplier Fair hosted by Comanche Peak June 6. Tom McCool, Comanche Peak Site Vice President, kicked off the fair and set the tone, thanking attendees, providing a message of support for suppliers, and encouraging everyone to redouble efforts for maximizing efficiency and savings in what continues to be an extremely competitive environment.

Patricia Lee, fair coordinator; Chris Miller, strategic sourcing director; and the Comanche team did another outstanding job making sure there was something for everyone. “I’ve had several station workers tell me they made a new contact that will be able to help them solve a problem they’re currently facing,” Lee commented. “Though there is quite a bit of work that goes into executing these supplier fairs, the business relationships made with station workers are worth the work and I enjoy the opportunity to learn more about our USA Suppliers so I know who to go to when I have a question or need assistance.”

In all, there were 57 suppliers representing 21 USA Supplier-Partners, and 150-200 site workers and guests mixing and mingling at the supplier exhibits. “Supplier Fairs are one of the tools USA uses to enhance understanding between our partner-suppliers and site workers as to the various agreements we have and the benefits available,” explained Jim Kitchens, USA Director Economic Strategies. “Supplier Fairs are a great way to bring USA to key stakeholders in the plant who don’t typically get to participate in the meetings and calls, with our supplier-partners, and to familiarize and provide a vision for both the value and support available to them on an everyday basis.”

Due to heavy outage schedules this year, the Comanche Peak Fair is the only one scheduled this year. There are several currently planned for 2019. Go to