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The Utilities Service Alliance (USA), Inc., was incorporated in 1996 in the State of Kansas as a 501(c) 12 Cooperative. USA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of executives from the member utilities. Our mission is to provide a business platform for our members to collaborate in plant performance & economic benefit initiatives.

Our vision is simple: Together, we will be an independent alliance of safe, cost effective, top-quartile operators.


USA has three major objectives:

  • Improve Operational Performance through facilitation of lessons learned, conduct of assessments, industry benchmarking, and best-practice sharing
  • Improve Economic Performance through use of our Supply Chain Agreements, personnel sharing, and other cost-saving opportunities
  • Facilitate common response to targeted and focused fleet performance gaps or issues as approved by the Board of Directors (BOD)


By being a part of the Alliance, USA's member utilities get the best of both worlds; fleet benefits while keeping the flexibility of their independent operator status. This gives members the ability to:

  • Retain local control at each site while benefiting from economies of scale
  • Have collective influence in the industry while still maintaining single nuclear site status
  • Selectively choose projects and initiatives
  • Share existing resources without transferring ownership
  • Share the experiences, lessons learned, and benchmarking like a large fleet

Current Focus

  • Maximize value through use of our Supply Chain Agreements and processes
  • Material Cost-Reduction savings opportunities
  • Training Excellence coordination and facilitation
  • Targeted Gap Focus Operational Improvement Areas
  • Cyber-Security Implementation and Readiness
  • Mid-Cycle Assessment and Nuclear Safety Culture Assessment facilitation and implementation
  • Shared personnel, tools, and equipment
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