About Us

The Utilities Service Alliance (USA), Inc., was incorporated in 1996 in the State of Kansas as a 501(c) 12 Cooperative. USA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of executives from the member utilities. Our mission is to provide a business platform for our members to collaborate in plant performance & economic benefit initiatives.

Our vision is simple: Together, we will be a fleet of safe, cost effective, top-quartile operators.


USA has two major objectives:

  • To improve individual plant and fleet performance. The Alliance provides a wealth of talented and experienced personnel with different backgrounds and perspectives. The fleet members work together to improve each other's overall performance and the performance of the Alliance as a whole.
  • To reduce operating and maintenance costs. Considerable cost savings are derived by fleet members from the sharing of resources, tools and equipment, and by taking advantage of our collective buying power to purchase products and/or services at a lower price than each site is able to achieve individually.


By being a part of the Alliance, USA's member utilities get the best of both worlds; fleet benefits while keeping the flexibility of their independent operator status. This gives members the ability to:

  • Retain local control at each site while benefiting from standardization
  • Have collective influence in the industry while still maintaining single nuclear site status
  • Selectively choose projects and initiatives
  • Share existing resources without transferring ownership
  • Consolidate mutual service functions

Current Focus

  • 5-Year outage excellence project
  • Group purchasing, focusing on up-front commitment and big-ticket, long-lead items
  • Shared personnel, tools & equipment
  • Leading industry-wide obsolescence program
  • Force-on-force and reaccreditation mutual support
  • Specific improvements in chemistry, radiation protection, operations, maintenance, performance improvement, and engineering using fleet-wide performance indicators
  • Conducting self-assessments in operations, maintenance and industrial safety
  • Supporting NEI and INPO in NEI 09-07 project
  • 2017 USA Business Plan
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