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Danielle Douglas; Account Manager

Airgas, Inc. (NYSE: ARG), through its subsidiaries, is the largest U.S. distributor of industrial, medical, and specialty gases, and hardgoods, such as welding equipment and supplies. Airgas is also one of the largest U.S. distributors of safety products, the largest U.S. producer of nitrous oxide and dry ice, the largest liquid carbon dioxide producer in the Southeast, and a leading distributor of process chemicals, refrigerants, and ammonia products. More than 14,500 employees work in over 1,100 locations, including branches, retail stores, gas fill plants, specialty gas labs, production facilities and distribution centers. Airgas also distributes its products and services through eBusiness, catalog and telesales channels. Its national scale and strong local presence offer a competitive edge to its diversified customer base.


John Rengepis

Altran is a premiere provider of engineering and technical services to existing nuclear facilities providing specialty engineering services in the following areas:
Engineering Programs
Expertise includes Erosion and Mechanical Degradation, Flow Accelerated Corrosion, Raw Water Corrosion, Buried Piping, Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion, and High Energy Piping Degradation programs.
Digital Instrumentation and Controls
Capabilities include support of equipment obsolescence planning, controls design, safety system upgrades including regulatory support as well as:
• Digital upgrades (PLCs, DCS systems, safety systems)
• Licensing Support (ISG-06)
• Troubleshooting / difficult problem resolution
• Failure analysis
• Set point and instrument uncertainty calculations
• Aging assessments
• Obsolescence planning
• Strategic planning
• Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
• Conceptual design studies / requirements specifications
• Cyber Security
• Training development & delivery
Engineering Mechanics
Support of challenging problems in all facets of engineering. This group performs advanced analysis using hand and finite element methods, 3rd party reviews and design modifications. Typical projects include plant system analysis and design to support new regulatory requirements, continued plant operation and life extension. This group is also responsible for engineering, commercial grade dedication and installation of in-situ non-metallic buried pipe rehabilitation design and installations.
Materials Engineering and Failure Analysis
Altran’s Materials Science and Engineering Center (MSEC) combines the knowledge and expertise in mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, laboratory analysis and practical experience. Extensive in-house laboratory facilities include mechanical testing, metallography, optical and scanning electron microscopy, chemical analysis, corrosion testing and a complete machine shop. Capabilities include investigation for design specification compliance, manufacturing defects, fatigue, stress corrosion, corrosion and other metallurgical causes as well as aging, creep, overload, misuse and abuse. Applications include:
• Failure Analysis
• Past Operability
• Consultation and Testing
• Aging
Quality Assurance
Our NUPIC audited Quality Assurance (QA) Program was developed to ensure that we consistently perform to the highest standards. The Program is based on 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, 10 CFR Part 21, and ASME NQA-1-1994 and meets the applicable requirements of 10 CFR Part
72, Subpart G, ISO 9001-2000, and 21 CFR Part 820.

ARES Security Corp.

Bob Scott

ARES Security Corporation offers a modeling and simulation software for physical security, called AVERT, to:
1) reduce security O&M costs without reducing system effectiveness under 10 CFR 50.54(p);
2) measure margin is security strategy before FOF exercises;
3) reduce CapEx for major investments by evaluating defense-in-depth. AVERT has been implemented in several locations, producing the following benefits.

• Reduced security O&M costs by $2MM to $4MM per year while not reducing System Effectiveness, by developing a modified protective strategy.
• Quantified margin based on adversary distance from a target, number of officers required to neutralize an adversary, number of officers neutralized, and strength of firepower.
• Identified cost avoidance for multiple CapEx projects including in $5MM in delay system upgrades and reduction from $22MM to $5MM in upgrades at one of the participating utilities.
• Identified major vulnerabilities in new security system designs and developed a zero cost modification to address each vulnerability.

Product Summary: AVERT is a modeling and simulation software that uses 3D models of the interior and exterior of the plant. Each protective measure is properly placed on the 3D model and the performance of each system is represented using probabilistic data. Adversary threats are then simulated thousands of times using Monte Carlo simulation. AVERT produces metrics that measure the effectiveness of the system, identify critical components, measure margin, and identify vulnerabilities. This software, originally launched in 2001, has been certified by Department of Homeland Security, accredited by DOD and has a pending accreditation from DOE; this is the only software to have these certifications.


Rick Heath; VP, Key Accounts
(434) 841-0700

AREVA in North America (AREVA Inc.) combines U.S. and Canadian leadership to supply high added-value products and services to support the operation of the commercial nuclear fleet. Globally, AREVA is present throughout the entire nuclear cycle, from uranium mining to used fuel recycling, including nuclear reactor primary circuit design and fabrication, and operating fleet engineering and services. AREVA is recognized by utilities around the world for its expertise, its skills in cutting-edge technologies, and its dedication to the highest level of safety. AREVA Inc.’s 4,100 employees are helping build tomorrow’s energy model: supplying ever safer, cleaner and more economical energy to the greatest number of people.

ATC Nuclear

Doug VanTassell

ATC Nuclear is a leading global provider of customized supply chain management solutions including the Nuclear Inventory Management System (NIMS). Our Instrumentation and Control Repair and Reverse Engineering services are well known throughout the nuclear industry for providing solutions to obsolescence and equipment reliability. Additionally, ATC Nuclear’s Commercial Grade Dedication and Qualification services use state-of-the-art equipment meeting ASME NQA-1 and other regulatory requirements. We deliver best-in-class services to the nuclear fleet in the United States and around the world.
ATC’s Nuclear Inventory Management System, NIMS, provides a just-in-time inventory supply chain management solution to reduce direct and indirect costs, and keep service at its peak. NIMS will allow ATC to offer lower prices through bulk purchases and commercial grade dedication. ATC is the first to offer an independent safety related MRO program. We are the only company to offer Commercial Grade Dedication, Sourcing, Warehousing, RE, and Qualification under one roof.
Commercial Grade Dedication:
Combined, the ATC Nuclear engineering team has more than 100 years of hands-on experience in commercial nuclear utilities and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) facilities. Our broad and diverse knowledge in electrical, mechanical, and instrumentation and controls (I&C) systems and components drives us to develop innovative solutions according to the needs of our customers.
Instrumentation and Controls:
ATC Nuclear provides leading edge solutions for trailing technology by specializing in Life Cycle Management of I&C circuit boards and power supplies for the nuclear power industry. ATC Nuclear I&C Life Cycle Management Program is designed to help utilities proactively counteract the effects of I&C obsolescence at operating nuclear plants in a cost-effective manner while retaining existing plant I&C equipment. Our Program supports both Safety-Related and Non-Safety Related systems and components.

AZZ Nuclear | NLI

Craig Irish

NLI is a supplier of equipment, service, and engineering support to the nuclear industry. Located in Fort Worth, TX, with sales offices throughout North America, NLI offers products and services that minimize the engineering impact to nuclear plants. We accomplish this with an engineering department that is one-fourth of our more than 200 person staff.
With a 200,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility and roughly 35 vendor alliances, NLI provides a wide array of electrical, I&C, and mechanical products under its 10CFR50 Appendix B QA Program and ASME III N-Stamp. NLI is the largest “under one roof” equipment supplier solely focused on the nuclear industry.
NLI has a very broad range of equipment solutions. NLI offers many obsolescence solutions, but also provides equipment to new plant construction worldwide. From small and simple relays to large and complex diesel generators, NLI supplies nearly anything found inside a nuclear power generation facility.

BHI Energy

Jimmy Orr

BHI Energy, comprised of companies Bartlett Nuclear, SUN Technical, Power Equipment Maintenance, WeldTech and AMES, is a leading provider of project management and technical staffing solutions with more than 30 years of experience serving nuclear power facilities nationwide. Our qualified, mobile workforce offers radiological safety, professional, engineering, welding and machining and specialty valve, turbine and civil maintenance services. BHI Energy also offers technologies including Excel modular scaffolding, scaffold management programs and automated monitoring systems.

Burns & McDonnell

W. Larry Stendebach

Founded in 1898, Burns & McDonnell is a 100 % employee-owned, full-service engineering, architecture, construction, environmental and consulting solutions firm comprised of more than 5,000 engineers, architects, construction professionals, scientists, consultants and entrepreneurs. Burns & McDonnell ranks in the top 4% of Engineering News-Record’s Top 500 Design Firms and is among the leaders in many service categories.

We are steadfast in our mission to make our clients successful through a breadth and depth of services in industries from aviation to power, environmental remediation to transportation, manufacturing to refining, military facilities to commercial buildings. We thrive on tough challenges and measure our success in repeat clients. Utilizing our multidisciplinary experience, in more than 30 offices, Burns & McDonnell plans, designs, permits, constructs and manages facilities worldwide with one mission in mind — to make our clients successful.

Certrec Corporation

Michelle Thomas

Founded in 1988, CERTREC is a regulatory and compliance solutions provider that helps utilities manage the regulatory process to their advantage. With more than 1,000 cumulative years of regulatory and industry experience, Certrec's licensing and compliance, performance improvement, and technical services solutions help nuclear professionals better manage the risks of the regulatory and compliance process. Certrec provides licensing and compliance support services to the Fleet and manages the successful USA Regulatory Affairs Training and Qualification Training Program.

Crane Nuclear, Inc.

Mike Ballard

CRANE Nuclear designs and manufactures a variety of valves, valve parts and valve testing equipment for domestic and international nuclear power plants. Our trusted brands (Powerhouse™, Viper™ and VOTES® Infinity) and reliable services (valve development, valve testing, contract services, actuation, maintenance and repair) combine to provide complete valve solutions that help ensure nuclear plant safety through the reliable performance of safety related motor-operated valves, air-operated valves, and check valves.

Crane Nuclear consistently delivers leading-edge valves, services, and testing technologies to the nuclear industry. Our mission is to help eliminate outages by leveraging a process-driven approach that reduces the overall cost of ownership. We facilitate this by forming win-win relationships with our clients to create packaged solutions that optimize their valve performance in the plant system.
Crane Nuclear manages ongoing valve maintenance and training projects at many nuclear power stations, while developing innovative valve diagnostic products for new power plant construction in conjunction with its unrelenting advances in valve engineering.
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Jeff Troutner
714-528-2301 x108

Anatec-LMT is a full service provider of Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) and Quality Services. They provide examination solutions that include steam generator eddy current testing, Section XI ISI (and PSI), Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) applications, heat exchanger condition assessment and inspection, balance-of-plant NDE services, FAC examinations, program development, consulting and training services.

AP Services
AP Services is a manufacturer and integrated supplier of mechanical valve and pump packing, metal and fabricated gaskets, and a wide variety of specialized fluid sealing products and services. Their web-based SealPRO™ software is a key tool to enhance plant equipment reliability, and their fluid leak management program helps identify and solve critical sealing problems to improve plant reliability and safety.

Enertech is a leading nuclear distribution and specialty manufacturing company providing solutions to the nuclear power industry to meet your critical outage needs and provide obsolescence support. For over 30 years, Enertech has provided pneumatic and electro-hydraulic actuators, instrumentation, advanced valve designs, snubbers, field services, outage support, along with gate/globe/check valve solutions to increase the reliability and safety of nuclear power plant systems..

EST Group
EST specializes in the development and manufacturing of highly engineered products and repair services for shell and tube heat exchangers, condensers, coolers and chillers. Their Pop-A-Plug® is the industry’s leading technology for sealing leaking heat exchanger tubes. They provide a comprehensive range of on-site services for heat exchanger troubleshooting, repair and turnkey pressure testing.

NETCO is the industry’s recognized expert in spent fuel management solutions, including development of the NETCO-SNAP-IN® neutron absorber insert and many unique spent fuel pool management services designed to extend the useful life of spent fuel storage racks. Their BADGER testing service is an in-situ scanning system that measures the efficacy of neutron absorbing materials like Boraflex. Laboratory services include accelerated corrosion, radiation testing and surveillance coupon testing.

Nova supplies ASME Code, safety-related and commercial-grade fasteners and precision-machined components, HydraNut® bolting systems, tensioning solutions, PlasmaBond coating, Cable Tray and Unistrut construction products, supply chain management, reverse engineering and custom manufacturing services. Their engineered product offering includes accumulators, core plugs, and control rod drive rebuild kits.

QualTech NP
QualTech NP is the industry’s safety-related hardware solutions provider for electrical interconnections, containment integrity, flooding barriers, HVAC, custom electrical panels/systems and spent fuel management. Their capabilities as a full service qualification and dedication center provide custom solutions to customers’ most demanding and critical hardware and qualification requirements.

Scientech provides plant process computer, digital control, and annunciator systems; thermal performance software; regulatory information databases and services; nozzle dams, zero entry nozzle dams, and installation services; reactor and steam generator specialized tooling; under-vessel BWR services and equipment; inventory database services (RAPID, OIRD) and supply chain analytics; innovation cooperative/initiatives; probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) services; repair, refurbish and reverse engineered I&C services; security and access authorization software; mobile technology applications; and equipment reliability solutions.

Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Canada
Curtiss-Wright’s Canadian location provides commercial grade dedication and equipment qualification services to the Canadian market. Services include seismic testing and analysis, radiation testing, LOCA simulation, and thermal aging. CWNC's specialization includes safety-related repair, refurbishment, and reverse engineering to extend the life of electrical and mechanical components. CWNC also designs and fabricates analog I&C devices for CANDU applications.
Materials Supplier
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DevonWay, Inc.

Matt Sacks
(678) 777-8090

DevonWay, the leading provider of enterprise-class systematic Continuous Improvement solutions to the nuclear industry, supplies Continuous Improvement solutions at lowest total cost of ownership to USA members and over 50% of the US nuclear power generating fleet. DevonWay provides the fastest path to regulatory compliance, new efficiencies that reduce operating costs, and safer operations with increased asset optimization. DevonWay Solutions-as-a-Service for USA members and vendor/supplier community include: Supply Chain Library of recognized vendor/supplier offerings, Total Cost of Ownership system between member plants and suppliers, USA Fleet OE & Lessons Learned, Nuclear Safety Culture Assessment surveys, a Retiree Database of qualifications and expertise, the USA Fleet-wide KPI initiative and other applications. DevonWay applications are highly configurable, easy to use, quick to deploy, and interoperate with enterprise systems of record. Headquartered in San Francisco, DevonWay has solution centers in Portland and Salt Lake City, with regional support offices in Charlotte, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Austin, Minneapolis and Phoenix. For more information, visit

DW James

Thomas M. Kalinowski

Supplier can provide radioactive waste consulting services in the fields of radioactive Waste Management, Radiological Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Health Physics and Chemistry. Supplier can provide waste categorization services, waste optimization consulting, activation analysis services, shipping support services, and training.
Supplier can also provide their Integrated Shipping and Inventory Program (ISIP) program and Sample Analysis Program (SCAN). ISIP is a full featured computer program for use in radiological characterization of materials, packages, and shipments. SCAN is a user friendly platform for performing expert level analysis of radiochemical data; the analysis focuses on determining scaling factors for long-lived, difficult to measure radionuclides.

Eastern Technologies, Inc. (ETI)

Doug Kay

Eastern Technologies, Inc. (ETI) is the leading manufacturer and supplier of dissolvable protective clothing and related products, processors and processing services for the nuclear industry worldwide. ETI holds exclusive worldwide rights, as well as numerous patents, for OREX® and ETI™ brands of dissolvable products and dissolution processing technologies. ETI offers dissolution processing services at our Ashford, Alabama facility and has also recently teamed with Babcock Services Inc. (BSI) to offer dissolution processing services at the BSI Oak Ridge Service Center utilizing the revolutionary EIT Generation 2 Processing System. Experience has shown that OREX/ETI dissolvable protective clothing offers superior protection compared to launderables and mitigates waste requiring disposal at a licensed radioactive waste landfill. In addition to protective clothing, our dissolvable product offering includes a wide variety of mops, wipes, sheeting, absorbent pads and spill socks, tote bags, waste bags, and FME covers. When combined with the ETI/OREX processing services, these products offer the opportunity for significant reduction in radwaste disposal volumes.

Energy & Process

Mark T. Capallo

Energy & Process Corporation is a global supplier to the nuclear power industry. E & P supplies a full range of safety related piping and structural components. Beyond commodity supply, Energy & Process Corporation provides a broad scope of services including NDE, machining, and fabrication services. E & P certifications include NPT N-3725 and MO QSC-332.


John H. Hagan

EnergySolutions is the industry leader in the transportation, recycling, processing and disposal of nuclear material, as well as the decommissioning of nuclear power plants. EnergySolutions is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT and operates facilities in the United States, Canada and Asia, including a state-of-the-art processing facility for volume reduction in Oak Ridge, TN and disposal site in Clive, UT that have been safely operating for over 20 years. EnergySolutions also provides innovative technical and engineering solutions to the most challenging problems through specialized consultancy services, fully detailed design/development services and complete turn-key design-build projects.

ETHANY Corporation

Bob Lyle
585-889-2586 x323

Since the company's inception, we have seen spectacular improvements in the capabilities of exchanging information. Today, ETHANY follows a proactive approach by integrating leading edge technology Software Solutions, Product Development, Web Site Development and Hosting.. The foundation of the company continues to be building relationships with our customers. And we are building on that base with the expertise of delivering business solutions and services for today with tomorrow's technology.
ETHANY specializes in software augmentation, custom software development, mobile applications, 3rd Party software Support / Enhancements, IT consulting and backend database design & management. 
ETHANY has a proven track record with 26 years of experience delivering custom solutions from small privately held to Fortune 500 companies and Non-profit Organizations as well. We do this in Microsoft, Oracle & other environments at cost that are reasonable and offer a fast ROI with increase productivity. In all, we make life easier for you by making business software work for your business. Ethany Corporation is Rochester based company with all our work is done here in the USA, nothing is sent overseas and is never subcontracted.
ETHANY continues research and evaluate new technologies and their applicability to enhance your business. Incorporating this research into our services and products provides our customers a competitive edge in the marketplace.


Paul Sampson

Fastenal is a full line National Industrial Supplies distributor with over 2,600 store locations and more than 30 years experience in supporting the Power Generation industry. Fastenal offers over 500,000 products in 19 different MRO categories that may be purchased on line at or from our local stores. Fastenal also offers many value added services including tool repair and custom manufacturing. Our FAST 5000 MRO vending machine has become the world’s fastest growing industrial vending system providing customers with reduced consumption, inventory and downtime.

Frham Safety Products Inc

Brian Anderson

Frham Safety Products advances safety, reliability and economic performance by setting the standard with the most innovative products, systems, and programs for Radiation Protection and Health Physics supplies in the industry. Innovations such as M.O.S.T. and Orex have set Frham apart for nearly 30 years. Frham's Orex Program is an industry leader in the environmental commitment to a greener planet. Frham is committed to being an environmental leader and demonstrates this through its actions. Frham will continue to think creatively and work cooperatively with all branches of the industry in order to provide the Nuclear Promise.
2013 & 2015
Material Supplier
of the Year

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH)

Brian Boggs

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) is a world-leading provider of advanced reactor technology and nuclear services.
GE Hitachi has been optimizing and maintaining boiling water reactors for nearly 60 years. Through it all, we’ve remained focused on the technologies and services that matter most to our customers: plant performance, dose reduction, life extension, long term asset management and parts and outage management. From the world’s safest light water reactors, the ESBWR and ABWR, to the most reliable and efficient fuel in the industry, GE Hitachi offers customers around the world the technological leadership required to effectively enhance reactor performance, power output and safety.

GEL Laboratories

Robert Wills

Offsite chemical and radiochemical analysis & services

Graver Technologies

Lois Windham
(713) 208-9292

Graver Technologies supplies Ion Exchange Resins in both bead and powdered forms. As a licensed processor for Dow ™ resins, we process this high quality resin to the individual specification of each nuclear plant. Our Newark, New Jersey resin processing plant is capable of supplying low chloride anion resin and low sulfate cation resin beyond any manufacturer’s ability. We can supply accurately blended mixed and/or lithiated bead resin. We coordinate with the supply chain to have resins available when it is required.


Chuck Mahar

GRAYBAR is one of the country's leading supply chain and logistics experts, a company committed to building relationships that work for its customers, its suppliers, and its owner employees. We are focused on doing the things we do best, so our customers can stay focused on their core expertise. Whether it's providing speed of delivery through our zone/branch infrastructure, intelligence through our technological capabilities, or efficiency through our inventory management solutions, Graybar clearly works to its customers' advantage, every minute of every day. Graybar has the power and stability of a big corporation and the integrity and drive of a neighborhood business.
Continuous Improve-
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Holtec International

Joy Russell

Holtec International is a global turnkey supplier of equipment and systems for the Nuclear, Solar, Geothermal, and Fossil Power Generation sectors of the energy industry. The company is recognized as a world leader in the technologies to manage used nuclear fuel discharged from nuclear reactors, and as a provider of capital equipment and services to commercial power plants. Holtec has extensive experience performing the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of numerous systems and components in the nuclear industry, intersecting all levels and types of nuclear fuels and all relevant engineering disciplines. Holtec and its collection of wholly-owned subsidiaries leverage expertise in technical and licensing services, material development, manufacturing, and construction services to provide integrated products and services, often on a turnkey basis.

Human Resources Consulting

Gary Kaufman

Human Resources Consulting provides evidence based-solutions for hiring, promoting, and developing technical, professional, and managerial employees.
• Economical screening for entry-level, non-licensed operators.
• Screening of candidates for initial licensed operator training.
• Early identification of high potential leaders for engineering and technical occupations.
• Assessment, feedback, and coaching programs for management development.
• Screening of candidates for transmission systems operators and reliability professionals.

S/RO Success
One of our products, S/RO Success, is the most accurate and widely used method to assesses reactor operator and senior reactor operator candidates. S/RO Success provides evidence-based predictions of success in the classroom and on the job. In addition, S/RO Success provides an analysis of candidate strengths and weaknesses, alerts to the training staff about potential classroom problems, and suggestions to candidates for the remediation of critical weaknesses.

S/RO Success is not a generic, off-the-shelf test that supposedly works for all jobs in all industries. Instead, S/RO Success includes seven custom-designed measurements that specifically target the requirements for operators in nuclear utilities.
• Basic classroom skills - reading comprehension and math
• Troubleshooting ability and abstract reasoning
• Mechanical comprehension
• Aptitude for leadership
• Interpersonal skills
• Operator skills - alertness, responsiveness, resilience, adaptability

Follow up research indicates that the use of S/RO Success leads to a substantial improvement in initial license training throughput. When combined with effective recruiting and training programs, many plants using S/RO Success have averaged 85% and higher levels of overall ILT throughput over multiple years of use.

Infosat Communications LP

Serge Notte

As a leader in satellite communication technology, Infosat designs & integrates reliable wireless global communication systems where satellite facilities are a key component in remote & demanding locations.
Our core product & service offering includes the very best solutions in VSAT and Mobile Satellite technology as well as a 24/h Network Operations Centre, dedicated to supporting Infosat’s valued customers.


Patrick Hardy, VP & Director of Sales

ISOFLEX USA is pleased to serve the nuclear energy community with a line of high-quality water additives. Our Depleted Zinc products (Depleted Zinc Acetate and Depleted Zinc Oxide, in both pellet and powder forms) are used to reduce corrosion in pressurized water reactors and boiling water reactors, and our Lithium-7 is used to filter contaminants out of PWR cooling water circuits. ISOFLEX USA has been a premier supplier of stable isotope products, as well as select radioisotopes, since 1989. We offer a broad selection of difficult-to-find, limited use isotopes for applications in science, medicine and industry. Contact us for one-time purchases or long-term delivery contracts. We are pleased to offer competitive pricing, lot-specific quality assurance, and exemplary customer service.

Landauer, Inc.

Inid S. Deneau
800-628-1514 x8317

Landauer is the world’s largest radiation dosimetry service provider utilizing the proprietary OSL technology found in both Luxel+ and InLight. InLight is a full service personnel radiation monitoring program or turnkey onsite analysis system that meets routine personnel monitoring and emergency response requirements. Both dosimeter types are NVLAP and DOELAP accredited. Landauer’s comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and reporting is backed by over 50 years’ experience.

Logistics Planning Services

Kirsten Hall, President

• LPS provides transportation management and logistics services – 24x7x365
• LPS offers a cost-plus, carrier neutral program with proprietary software tailored to meet Customer needs
• LPS specialized in vendor inbound freight management and PO conversion & compliance monitoring
• LPS supports global shipping across all modes of transport: LTL, Truckload, Expedite, Heavy-Haul, Rail, Barge, Ocean, Rigging, Warehousing and more…
• LPS has been supporting Electric Utilities for the last two decades, with over 30 Utility customers in our portfolio
• LPS is a certified woman-owned business (WBE)
• LPS has been recognized by ‘Inc. 500/5000® fastest-growing US companies’, ‘MN Fast 50’ and ‘MN Best 100 Companies to work for’
Continuous Improve-
ment Award

Motion Industries

Jared Locke

A leading distributor of quality products and services to 150,000 industrial and government customers, Motion Industries operates in the MRO replacement parts market as well as the OEM market.
Through an extensive operating network of over 550 North American locations, our customers have access to over 5.2 million quality parts.

MPR Associates

Mark O’Connell

MPR Associates is a specialty engineering and management services firm founded in 1964 and headquartered in Alexandria, VA. MPR provides solutions to clients in the energy, federal government, and health and life sciences industries. The company benefits its clients by delivering innovative, safe, reliable and cost-effective technical solutions across the entire project or product life-cycle. MPR facilitates USA membership in the Diesel Fuel Oil Group (DFOG).

NAC International

Leigh Trostel

Dry Cask Storage Systems and optional pool-to-pad services


Chip Hultquist

Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) is a university consortium that uses the scientific strength of 115 major research institutions to solve many of our nation’s most challenging problems, including the following: (1) enhancing the nation’s preparedness to respond to emergencies related to terrorist incidents, natural disasters, and health threats; (2) strengthening America’s scientific research and education enterprises to enhance global competitiveness, and (3) building public trust and confidence in the management of worker health and environmental cleanup activities. ORAU has extensive experience with designing and managing drills and exercises for a variety of customers and scenarios. ORAU uses custom-developed tools, such as Exercise Builder–Nuclear (EBN), to aid in the development and after-action reporting required to satisfy Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements for nuclear power plants. EBN includes built-in components such as exercise scenarios, objectives, emergency action levels, and evaluation criteria. Site-specific information can be added to customize the drill/exercise to meet specific needs.

Pajarito Scientific Corp.

Haley Stout
860.445.0334 x273

Radiation Protection Systems, Inc. (RPS) started their commercial nuclear industry business in 1978. Today RPS continues to apply their sophisticated techniques and engineering expertise to enhance ALARA programs to confine, contain, and control hazardous contaminants. RPS supports 90% of all North American nuclear plant programs, DoE/DoD & National Labs. RPS similarly supplies their products to Pharmaceutical and Industrial customers. RPS has three very distinct product lines:
RPS provides engineered portable VENTILATION solutions for radiological and hazardous-material applications. RPS offers equipment and custom integrated systems that provide safe and efficient radiological and hazardous work environments. RPS carries an ~$1M in JIT inventory to support our customers emergency needs during critical times.
RPS provides custom SHIELDING products for heat exchangers, ICI Stalks, piping, or any areas which are difficult to shield. The shielding materials we use include poly, lead, steel, and BLOXR (an innovative ceramic shielding technology).
To accompany our ventilation and shielding product lines, RPS provides a full complement of modular-paneled Perma-Con® CONTAINMENT buildings (Perma-Con® is a registered trademark of RPS).
Client List
Our extensive list of clients includes 90% of all U.S. and Canadian commercial-nuclear PWR, BWR & CANDU power plants, every major U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) site, U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), Center for Disease Control (CDC), universities, pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical research facilities, and manufacturing firms.
Engineering & Manufacturing
All RPS equipment is designed by licensed professional engineers, manufactured and quality tested by suitably qualified technical experts and all products come with full documentation and the guarantee all equipment will perform as stated.
Onsite Support
RPS provides onsite testing of all portable ventilation equipment both RPS and other manufactures products.
RPS supplies onsite engineering and technical expertise for onsite assessments, repairs, as well as experienced operators for larger projects that require around the clock support.

Pall Corporation

David Franciamone

Filtration Media and Services

Partners In Leadership

Brad Starr

Partners In Leadership is the world’s premier provider of Accountability Training® and Culture Change services. For over 25 years, the partnerships we’ve forged with our clients have enabled thousands of companies and millions of people to achieve their results and, ultimately, deliver on their organizational mission. Our Three Tracks To Creating Greater Accountability® answer the challenges our clients face as they grow and evolve. Our award-winning, world-class curriculum and transforming methodology offers proven answers for immediate concerns and comprehensive, adaptable solutions for sustained results over time:

Self Track®: First, we mobilize your entire organization around the top three or four key results you must achieve this year. Then we equip people at every level with the knowledge and tools to close Accountability Gaps™ and take personal accountability to achieve those key results.

Culture Track®: Your current culture is delivering the results you are achieving today. But the results you want to achieve usually require a change in the way people think and act—a shift in culture to produce those strategic results. We are expert in guiding and accelerating the cultural transition you need to get there.

Others Track®: You rely on people to deliver the expectations you have of them—but not all expectations are equal. Key expectations are those where you have decided that not delivering is not an option. Our proven tools and methodologies allow people at every level to engage and create accountability to ensure delivery of those key expectations.
Partners In Leadership is recognized as an Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Company in America and is a multi-award winner, including a three-time Chief Learning Officer Award recipient, receiving gold in 2015 for their excellence in social learning programs.


Pipeline Software

Ricky Myers

PIPELINE’s Syntempo, Maxavera and Analytics software solutions provide state-of-the-art design that help optimize Enterprise Asset Management business processes. Our solutions are focused on helping our customers leverage their existing technology investments and realize the full benefits of the large investments they have made in these systems while simultaneously creating a single, unified command-and-control center for managing TAR/Outages.
PIPELINE’s solutions integrate and optimize SAP PM, IBM Maximo, Oracle eAM, Ventyx Passport and Oracle Primavera – just to name a few. Our specialized products and services enable organizations to improve critical planning, scheduling and work execution processes related to maintenance, capital projects and programs.

Radiation Safety and Control Services, Inc.

Rick Titolo
603-778-2871, X266

RSCS has been providing professional health physics, training, calibration, and instrumentation solutions for the nuclear industry since 1989. We have offices in Stratham NH, Atlanta GA, Tulsa OK, and Norfolk VA.
Our professional staff includes personnel with extensive experience in operating NPPs including former RPMs, Rad-Engineers, CHPs, dosimetry specialists, and radwaste engineers. We provide staff augmentation services as well as technical solutions for radiologically-related site support. Examples of our support capability include,

• Radiological Program Support and Assessments
o Program and Procedure Development
o 10CFR20 Program Assessments
o Radwaste and RAM Shipping
o Alpha Program Implementation
o Dose Reconstructions,
o Shielding Calculations using Advanced Modeling (MCNP)
• Radiological Survey & Characterization
o Gamma & Neutron Environmental Monitoring
o MARSSIM/MARSAME/Free Release Surveys,
o Waste Stream Characterization
o Neutron Spectral Measurements
o Gamma Calibration Range Characterization
o Advanced Survey Technology (SCM/SIMS)

• Training
o Site-Specific Custom Training
o Training Simulation Equipment
• Instrumentation Support
o Portable and Installed Equipment Support
o Calibration and Repair
o Contaminated Instrument Support
o Stack Flow Measurements
• Site Project, Management and Engineering Support
o Decommissioning Cost Estimates
o Applications of Risk Analysis
o 3-Dimensional CAD Modeling of SSCs for Engineering or Environmental Projects
o Groundwater and Buried Pipe Evaluations for NEI and EPRI Program Support,
o Accident Calculation
• Software Support and Development.

We have designed and manufactured specialty instrumentation solutions such as an efficient underwater survey tool, a wide range interim noble gas monitor, and advanced training simulation instruments including electronic dosimeters, ionization chambers, and friskers. We have also developed SQL specialty software data base applications for managing analytical data (ADMS), developing decommissioning cost estimates (DeCAT-Pro), and managing radiation safety programs (RSM).
Our company is an NEI member and we participate in domestic and international organizations such as ANSI committees, the IAEA and the OECD/NEA and we have been principal contributors to many EPRI guidance documents.
Our professional staff can be available to help with any issue and is able to draw upon decades of experience in nuclear plant operation or decommissioning. We can also provide ANSI-qualified health physics field analysts to augment your technician staff for operating or outage plant conditions.


Mark Ping

RESINSAFE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EnergySolutions that addresses the challenges associated with the safe disposal of spent ion-exchange resins from nuclear power generation. RESINSAFE combines proprietary waste processing technology, creating a more stable waste form, with EnergySolutions’ proven waste management logistics and disposal portfolio.


Paul Tobin

Rolls-Royce is a nuclear engineering organization with an approved Appendix B Quality Assurance Program providing engineering, software, and supply chain solutions. Rolls-Royce has expertise in all engineering disciplines and engineers whom average over 25 years of experience. Engineering expertise include start-up, design engineering, equivalencies, obsolescence solutions, construction, project management, up-rate, fire protection, procedure writing, and more.
Our software solutions have provided innovative Industry firsts and benchmarks. Our key strength is identifying gaps in current software and data analysis tools and developing creative ways to fill those gaps. Rolls-Royce provides a wide variety of custom and out of the box software solutions including Obsolescence Management, Equipment Reliability, Configuration Management, Custom Reporting Software, and more.
Rolls-Royce’s Strategic Supply Chain services provide an efficient, proactive approach to managing supply chain activities by leveraging Industry-wide information. These services include projects such as Critical Spares Analysis, PM Optimization, Bulk Purchasing, Inventory Reduction, Bill of Material Reconstruction, and more.
Rolls-Royce maintains an approved 10CFR50 Appendix B Quality Assurance Program for both engineering and software services. Our mission is to become the recognized leader in providing quality engineering services and innovative software solutions to the Nuclear Industry.
2010-12, 14, 15
Service Supplier
of the Year

Schulz Electric

Matt Radulski

Schulz Electric, founded in 1927, has worked on motors and/or EDGs for every nuclear utility in the U.S., with hundreds of projects completed among its USA clients alone. Areas of service include repair of contaminated, safety-related, and EQ units, from any OEM and including MOV motors, under in-house 10CFR50 Appendix B QA; supply of new motors for use in safety-related applications, including EQ; onsite inspection, testing, and maintenance of motors and EDGs; and motor-asset surveys and management, including offsite storage and in-storage maintenance.

TN Americas LLC

Chris Miller; V.P. of Sales, Marketing and Product Development Development

TN Americas LLC is a leader in the American nuclear market offering proven total systems solutions for used fuel and radioactive waste management and transportation. TN’s flagship product, the horizontal NUHOMS® storage system ensures the lowest risk, best performance in all design basis events and most advanced technology for aging management. TN’s loading teams provide industry-best low dose results.


Rick Low
865.482.5532 x22

Supplier sorts surveys, segregates and analyzes as necessary comingled DAW and Metals for the best way processing approach to material dispositioning. Supplier will process waste(s) DAW, Metals, Rubble, Debris, Concrete, Lead, and Wood, or combination of all of them for BSFR which qualifies under the conditions of the licensed program. Supplier will also decontaminate and free release sorted lightly contaminated metals including lead.

UniTech Services Group, Inc.

Gregg Johnstone

UniTech Services Group, Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of nuclear protective clothing and accessories. Our nuclear licensed decontamination facilities throughout the US and Europe provide the following services: radiological laundering of protective clothing, decontamination and testing of respirators, and the decontamination of tools & equipment (scaffolding, hand tools, portable HEPA vacuums, etc.) We now also have radioactive waste processing capabilities our of our new Oak Ridge, TN service center where we can provide cost effective BSFR (Bulk Survey For Release) disposal at a fraction of the cost of normal radioactive waste disposal. Our products and services are designed to provide our customers cost effective protection of their workers with minimal generation of radioactive waste.

Waste Control Specialists

Richard Sackett
(865) 207-9570

The state-of-art Texas Compact Waste Facility (CWF) in Andrews, Texas provides a safe, secure, permanent solution to your class A, B & C disposal needs. Owned by the state of Texas, and operated by Waste Control Specialists, the CWF is available to generators of commercial LLRW from across the United States. WCS also provides transportation of higher activity LLRW in NEW 160 cubic foot capacity Type B casks for loads up to 500 R/hr on contact. WCS’ RCRA facility has recently been approved for economical disposal of bulk low activity radioactive waste with isotopic concentrations up to 10% of the Class A limit. For more information please visit our website at

WEC Carolina Energy Solutions, LLC

Gregg Auld

Feedwater Heater Rig/Weld Services (Non-Union)

WEC PCI Energy Solutions, LLC

Inna Chizhevsky

Feedwater Heater Rig/Weld Services (Union)

Wesco Distribution, Inc.

Tim Barker

WESCO is a leading provider of electrical, industrial, safety, MRO, electronics and communications products with vast experience in the nuclear power generation market. We offer strategic Supply Chain Solutions and Services including integrated supply, industrial vending, vendor managed inventory, online catalog and order fulfillment, repair services, sourcing and other solutions that have proven to reduce the total cost of ownership for nuclear facilities. WESCO is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA and has a fleet of 5 fully automated distribution centers and over 500 stocking locations in North America.
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