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MCR ended 2018 with total project to date savings of $16.1M with a return on investment (ROI) of 40.62.

Looking ahead to 2019 the team agreed to work on the following projects and provide on-going savings to our members.

  1. Continuous identification of and pursuit of long term project savings opportunities which have the biggest potential for savings.
    1. Identify, coordinate, and implement low cost project solutions through reverse engineering or other low-cost solution with key USA suppliers.
  2. Improve the Peaks inventory sharing and optimization software design and utilization in support of the following inventory optimization initiatives.
    1. Increase outside nuclear Peaks access for corporate USA gas, fossil, and other member plants.  The software can benefit non-nuclear member plants by providing access to all their other plants inventories, many of which are currently unable to search and obtain material available from another plant to avoid purchasing the item.
    2. Sales and purchases of overmax surplus inventory within the alliance and throughout the industry.
    3. Review shelf life durations for plant to plant comparisons and potential stocking strategy changes across the alliance.
  3. Bulk commercial grade dedication (CGD) of common material and stocking for the alliance.
    1. Focused opportunity across USA Fleet and other Paragon customers for common parts with usage to purchase GCD materials at a reduced price.
  4. Continue inventory optimization reviews of key commodities following completion of power supplies.  These inventory optimization reviews provide our members immediate significant TCO savings and potential long term First Cost savings opportunities through min/max reductions, identification of repair options, obsolete item solutions, critical spare and single point vulnerability comparisons reviews and updates to the members inventories.