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Monticello has lowered the CEI to a new station best performance with an overall score of 0.140 at the beginning of June.

CEI is the indicator used by the industry (INPO) to consistently promote the highest standards in chemistry and materials for asset protection in order to preserve the option to operate plants for the long-term. In fact, the INPO functional area that oversees this performance data is titled Nuclear Asset Protection. CEI is truly a Line of Sight to the Reactor Core indicator that drives strong performance.

How did we get here?

High operational standards have been demonstrated and reinforced throughout the organization, including use of human error reduction tools, the incorporation of work management process use, and readiness for plant startup after shutdown.

The plant operates chemistry event-free due to excellent material condition and a proactive focus on equipment reliability. There is an intolerance for problems with equipment that result in chemistry out-of- specification conditions that can challenge safety system performance and unit reliability, or can burden plant operators or chemistry technicians. As a result, few problems with equipment important to plant chemistry exist. Key systems to consider include Reactor Water Cleanup, Hydrogen Water Chemistry, Mitigation Monitoring, Condensate Demineralizers, and Liquid Rad-Waste. Strong performance in chemical control, FME control, and maintenance practices are a few ways we will continue to be successful.

Thanks for the hard work and dedication Monticello! Watch the video to hear more about this great achievement.

As shown through the following graphs, the station has demonstrated continuous improvement over the last four years and has gone from what would now be 4th Quartile performance to industry leading.