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As we head into 2019, I wanted to take a few minutes to update you all on some recent activities taking place within USA and for our members. First, we are heavy into the RFP development phase of a Major Services Sourcing Initiative for Maintenance and Modifications / Craft Labor (MM/Craft Labor) which has potentially huge benefits to our members when completed. If you are in any way involved in your stations MMC/Craft Labor contract I would ask you to reach out to your USA Supply Chain Rep to help us with this effort. Your input is invaluable. We have also just kicked off a second Major Service Sourcing initiative for an Engineering Partnership agreement (Engineering Services /Engineer of Choice). An engineering technical team recently met and developed a strategy for moving forward with this effort. Once again, we feel when we leverage the USA fleet, we can drive additional savings and value to all of our members.

In my last update I briefly talked about the funding request with the Department of Energy (DOE) to support our Advanced Remote Monitoring project, and we expect to hear back from the DOE on our request in the next month. If we are successful with this request, we will be kicking off a major project to facilitate coordination of this work at four of our member stations, the Luminant Power Optimization Center (POC) and at Idaho National Labs (INL). Our next issue will provide much more information on this effort.

This month we will be finishing our USA Annual 2018 Workbook which captures all the savings and value each station receives through their USA membership. We haven’t finalized the numbers yet, but we do know that we reduced USA Operating Costs by ~ 17% over 2017 levels, USA staff was under budget by > 10%, on average our members received over $30 in value for every dollar spent, we significantly increased hard-dollar savings, and our member average benefit was > $4.6M. We will be able to share specifics in our next issue of Inside USA.

Our most recent Supply Chain Winter Conference was a huge success. I have been attending this conference for many years and I have never seen the member/supplier engagement, free-flow of information, and partnering at the level I did this year. I am quite optimistic about the future and what it will bring because of our supplier/member partnerships.

Lastly, we just launched our new USA public web-site. We have been planning that for over a year and think the results have been excellent. Please take a look at and let us know what you think.

Thank you all again for your support and engagement!