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On the December USA BOD telecon, a revised set of USA Team call expectations were reviewed and approved. These changes were developed by Jim Connolly (STP), Pete Gardner (Xcel), USA staff, and come after much discussion and feedback to the USA BOD throughout 2018.

USA Team Call Expectations

USA team calls are a vital way to stay abreast of activities in the industry that can impact station operations. Team call structure has changed to focus on benchmarking, lessons learned, information sharing, and support. These calls are almost always less than one-hour per month and can be supported by any department individual for that team. The USA Board of Directors recognizes that current industry focus dictates that some team call participation may be more critical than others in an effort to stay up-to-date on industry issues. As such, the USA Board of Directors will expect all utilities have attendance on the following team calls:

  1. Operations
  2. Maintenance
  3. Engineering
  4. Work Management
  5. Outage
  6. Training

The above list is in addition to the current requirement that all Supply Chain and project-related team call attendance is mandatory. Calls will continue for all other USA teams with attendance being as available or optional.

USA Jump-Up Call Expectations

USA Jump-Up Calls are a vitally important function for our members to participate in. The Jump-Up calls provide a valuable, real-time and cost-effective mechanism for USA members to mutually support each other to resolve emergent technical and non-technical issues. These calls utilize the broad experience of the site team leaders and permit real-time transfer of important operating experience information between member utilities.

Unfortunately, Jump-Up calls are currently being underutilized by USA members and the benefit provided by this service is not being leveraged to its maximum potential. Since these calls are primarily generated for emergent issues, scheduling of meetings is often conducted on short or little notice and the calls are often conducted during non-routine business hours. In order to maximize the use of this important USA product, it is the expectation of the USA Board of Directors that each site actively attend and participate in each Jump-Up call that is scheduled for their team.

User friendly guidance to set-up and conduct automated Jump-Up calls is provided on the DevonWay main webpage with easy-to-follow instructions (see picture). Each USA team has a Team roster identified on the USA site. This is the list that is used by the Jump-Up call module. Once the DevonWay Jump-Up call invitation is sent, participants will receive an email regarding the meeting. Team members will also get a calendar invite to the meeting if they use Microsoft Office.

If you have any questions about these expectations, please contact your Site Rep, CNO, or any USA staff member.